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Release Date: - MAY 5th


Maiden Voyage Recording Company are delighted to announce the upcoming release of Donald Byron Wheatley's incredible album 'Moondogs And Mad Dogs' on May 5th (CD/LP) through SRD. 


The album was recorded at Reservoir Studios and produced by Chris Clarke and John Wheatley (Suburban Dirts). 


Donald Wheatley never intended to make an album and has never performed onstage. But he’s been a showman all his life and comes from a family of showmen stretching back one hundred and fifty years. Moondogs And Mad Dogs is both a paean to that life and a beautiful musical eulogy to his father and legendary showman, Big Don. 


“I just wanted to make a record that my dad would like,” he says. “I wanted to sit there and put it on and think, ‘I know he’d love that song.’ And I think we’ve done that.”

Donald Byron Wheatley 'Moondogs And Mad Dogs' CD

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