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Fairport Convention - Fairport Convention  (2023 REISSUE VINYL)




For many, this is the first time the considerable talents of Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny, Ashley Hutchings, Ian Matthews, Dave Swarbrick and Dave Mattacks would have been heard on record. Although all of that would have been difficult to ascertain on their jaunty, hippy 1968 Polydor debut Fairport Convention. Recorded in November 1967, it's a lovely sunny, suburban take on the summer of love; the vocal blend of Ian Matthews and Judy Dyble, the guitar interplay of Simon Nicol and Richard Thompson and rhythm section of Ashley Hutchings and Martin Lamble highlights their incredible potential.

There are two covers of Joni Mitchell's songs, when Mitchell was something of an obscure overseas delicacy. Chelsea Morning, highlights Dyble's sweet delivery, while the drifting, ruminative guitar on I Don't Know Where I Stand points again to the group's longevity.

Fairport Convention - Fairport Convention (2023 REISSUE VINYL)

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