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John Coltrane & Eric Dolphy - Evenings At The Villager Gate (2LP VINYL)


RELEASE DATE: July 14th 



This recording represents a very special moment in John Coltrane's journey—the summer of 1961—when his signature, ecstatic live sound, commonly associated with his classic quartet of '62 to '65, was first maturing and when he was drawing inspiration from deep, african sources— and experimenting with the two-bass idea both in the studio (Olé) and on stage.


Ninety minutes of never-before-heard music from this group were recently discovered at the new york public library for the performing arts, offering a glimpse into a powerful musical partnership that ended much too soon. in addition to some well-known Coltrane material (“My Favorite Things”, “Impressions”, “Greensleeves”), there is a breathtaking feature for Dolphy’s bass clarinet on “When Lights Are Low” and the only known non-studio recording of coltrane’s composition “Africa”, from the Africa/Brass album. this truly rare recording of "Africa" captures his expansive vision at the time.

John Coltrane & Eric Dolphy - Evenings At The Village Gate (2LP VINYL)

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