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Margo Cilker - Pohorylle  (VINYL)




Margo Cilker is a woman who drinks deeply of life, and her debut record pohorylle, out on Loose is brimming with it.


For the last seven years, the eastern Oregon songwriter has split her time between the road and various outposts across the world—enterprise, montana, the basque country of Spain—forging a path that is at once deeply rooted and ever changing. as Pohorylle traverses through the geography of Cilker’s memories—the touring musician’s tapestry of dive bars and breathtaking natural beauty—love is apparent, as is its inevitable partner: loss. For what bigger heartbreak is there to be a fierce lover who must always keep moving? Cilker seems keenly aware of the precarious footing upon which love stands, and at many turns the record carries the desperation of being in the presence of something that is staggeringly beautiful, and slipping away.

Margo Cilker - Pohorylle (VINYL)

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