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Tom Sheehan was there to capture it all - these moments comprise a beautiful and fortunate life’ Michael Stipe, NYC 2017


Following 2016’s Aim High, Tom's collected portraits of Paul Weller from 1978-2015, In Between DaysThe Cure in photographs 1982-2005, and You Love UsManic Street Preachers in photographs 1991-2001, R.E.M. Athens GA showcases his work across 3 decades with the alt-rock pioneers and is the fourth in a series from Tom’s exclusive archive, each focusing on his long relationship with a favourite subject.


Tom Sheehan first met R.E.M. in 1984, being compelled initially both by their southern strangeness and unique alternative twist on ‘60s folk rock and jangle. “Our first encounter was all very swift as most of these encounters are,” he remembers. “Punk had gone past and there was this whole rush of new American music. It was that thing that we love so much about people redefining what you think about music.”


Between the years of 1984 and 2005, Sheehan would capture a succession of iconic images of R.E.M. In singer Michael Stipe, himself a photographer, he found a subject utterly aware and alive inside the lens. “He understands an image,” says Sheehan. “For me, it’s about capturing a band at a point in time. I only play one instrument, the camera.”

REM - Athens GA (REM In Photographs 1984 - 2005) By Tom Sheehan

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