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St / Fr / Sp compiles two non-album eps that seefeel recorded for warp in 1994, starethrough and fracture/tied, alongside a rare autechre remix of “spangle” and the unreleased transition mix of “starethrough”.

Housed in a gatefold sleeve conceived by the designers republic. “Seefeel's output on warp delved more into abstraction; Often containing a pervading dark and oppressive atmosphere. Although featuring these menacing sensibilities, 1994's 'starethrough ep' retained some of the astral lightheartedness of 'quique'; A track like 'spangle' could be called anything but menacing with it's twinkling coruscations of melody and sarah's ethereal vocal contribution. The ep to follow, 'Fracture / tied', was almost entirely beat-driven with only rudimentary hints of melody.” - resident advisor

Seefeel St / Fr / Sp (2021 reissue)

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