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Sun Ra -  A Fireside Chat With Lucifer  (2021 REISSUE VINYL)


First vere reissue of this iconic Sun Ra album from 1983....


The sprawling, suite-like 20-minute title track sustains a lyrical edge in spite of an open framework and textures, which encourage sonorities to surface and emerge from the band as if there was no human intention behind them.


In opposition to 'Nuclear War,' Ra's organ playing here was built less on bombast and sonic terror than it is on whispers, stutters, shivers, and swells. fireside chat offers a wide stylistic array, as was the artist's intent, reflecting his eclectic, seemingly irreconcilable approach to compositional extremes. with sun ra you get everything... except predictability. first ever reissue of this iconic album!



Sun Ra - A Fireside Chat With Lucifer (2021 REISSUE VINYL)

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